Re: Fwd: - Royalty Report (2011/01).


Paul Cutler wrote:
> The Zazzle store has been operational for almost a year now.

It seems like we're quite low-key about promoting it. How about
including a link to the GNOME Love mug & a link to the store on the
front page? The text paragraph fades into the background a bit among the
news & other text.

> Zazzle does a good job of selling in multiple currencies, but some
> users prefer other, sometimes local, options.  The Board works with
> other companies who also pay us a royalty and we don't have issues
> with multiple stores, as long as they sign our trademark agreements
> and we have a workable business relationship, which we do with
> Freewear.

Sure - my only point is that it doesn't really make sense to promote
more than one merchandising store on our front page.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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