Fwd: FreeWear.org - Royalty Report (2011/01).

Hi there,

We are FreeWear.org, we've reached an agreement with the GNOME
Foundation to sell GNOME T-shirts.

You can check them at:

In order to boost sales and therefore donations to the GNOME
Foundation, we have asked for a link to our website on the GNOME
website (http://gnome.org), and we got redirected here to discuss the

In a nutshell: with all other organizations we've reached an agreement
in which we donate them a fixed amount of money per T-shirt and we get
in exchange a link in their website, either in the front page, in the
news feed or in the merchandise page, to our online catalog for that
organization. It's our way to ensure that Gimp, Vim, KDE, Cherokee,
BSD or Python lovers, among others, can find their merchandise, and
help their respective organizations.

Would it be possible to get such a link at http://www.gnome.org?


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Asunto: Re: FreeWear.org - Royalty Report (2011/01).
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> We attached the Donations report for January 2011.

Thanks.  No sales yet I see.

> Could be possible a link to FreeWear.org in gnome.org
> <http://gnome.org>? I honestly believe that this would improve the
> sales, and consequently the donations.

Typically the GNOME Marketing team makes decisions about how to
update the GNOME website.  Could you start a discussion about this
on the GNOME marketing list?


If so, that would likely be the fastest way to work with the
GNOME community to improve this.


Open Source T-shirts
r villaverde freewear org
00 34 986 420 794

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