Re: Please test the Friends of GNOME survey!

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 2:27 PM, Paul Cutler <pcutler foresightlinux org> wrote:
* I don't think it's a big concern, but we haven't given people an opt-in or opt-out option on email communication from GNOME for things like this.  (My theory is, if they've given us money, they like us.  But just mentioning).

I thought of that. I figure we'll only bug them once a year ... I'll add a statement to the email that says "To opt out of emails like these, please email stormy gnome org."

* Half the questions are "Check all apply" - I think it's good to get as much information as we can, but specifically on the 2 questions regarding GNOME Foundation activities, will it give us a specific enough answer?  I'm worried that we can't be everything to everyone, and they'll be a lot of checkboxes.  (How do we follow up on what should be prioritized?)

I thought about having people prioritise but then I was afraid thing that were important but didn't make the top of the list would look like things we should drop. This way I figured we'd see all the things that were important and hopefully across all the people we can see which ones are most important by the number of people that checked them. What do you think?

* For the question:

Did you know about our Friends of GNOME badges,

Friends of GNOME are presented with their own badges after donating.  (  Do we want to link to that instead, or in addition to?
I added it.

* How old are you?  - Is there a reason we're trying to get more granular understanding the age of contributors, specifically younger?  Typically a prime demographic to go after is Males 26-35 (at least in TV), but I'm not sure how these age groups were picked.

I copied some other survey. :) I thought it made sense but it was grouped by university age, out of university, etc. But to be honest the whole age group seemed a bit arbitrary ... what age groups would you like to see and why?

As far as your last question below, one user in IRC stated that internationally, Paypal wasn't a good option because of the fees, especially for monthly.  Is it possible to look into Google Checkout as an option?  The Software Freedom Conservancy offers it's member projects both a Paypal cart and Google Checkout, and there are zero fees with Google.

We talked about Google Checkout and I think the only reason we didn't do it is because nobody had time to check into it and integrate it. If someone has time to do the web part of it, I can apply for an account for us.

Thanks for the feedback!


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