Re: Please test the Friends of GNOME survey!

Thanks for making this happen, Stormy.  I have a few comments that you may like to consider.

1.  Rewrite the opening blurb.  It starts with "we"; whereas it should start with "you" (i.e. it's about the respondent, not us).  It's also a bit disjointed and choppy.  A suggested re-write is below.

2.  The question below has redundant instructions to the respondent.  It should say one or the other, not both ("all" vs "any").  This applies to other questions too.

Are you ... (check all that apply) Check any that apply

3. The link to the GNOME Foundation member list is not clickable
4.  The sentence:

Please add additional activities you value in the other row

is confusing.  It should either not be there at all, or be something like the following, as a separate paragraph:

"If there's something that you consider to be important and it's not on the list, please check "Other" and write in the space provided.

5.  Have you considered posing the question:

What would you like to see the GNOME Foundation do over the next year?

As a ranking question, rather than a tick-any?  It will provide much better information, at the cost of being a bit more tricky to analyse.

Thanks again,


2009/5/29 Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org>
GNOME Marketing team,

Can you please test the Friends of GNOME survey?

Please try to answer the multiple choice accurately so we can see how the options work, but don't spend much time on the free form questions as we'll be deleting the database before we send it out to Friends of GNOME. This is just for testing. I'll leave it open for testing until Sunday afternoon MDT.

Sample email below. (Please let me know if you have comments on that as well.)




Dear Friend of GNOME,

We are currently conducting a survey to see how the GNOME Foundation can best meet the needs of the GNOME project and we'd like your help.

You have received this survey because you donated to Friends of GNOME in the past year. We'd like to ask for your help in finding out how we can do better. If you can help us by participating, we will use the information to improve the GNOME Foundation's plans and offerings. When we tested this survey we found that most people could complete it in three minutes or less.

You can find the survey here:

We appreciate your help.  Thanks for your continued support of GNOME.



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