Re: Create your own customised GNOME liveCD

Hi Murray,

> The GNOME LiveCDs are for marketing, and testing, not for installing or
> otherwise messing with your system.

do you really mean that installing GNOME is "messing with someones
system"? Since quite some time I thought that this is the coolest
thing that can happen to a computer...

Could you explain to me what "marketing" means? I always thought its
purpose is to get stuff out to *users*, i.e. getting people to _use_
something and not only to _watch_ at it but I seem to be absolutly
mistaken about that :(

Holy crap! :-) 

Geez: Bill, Steve, Scott and SADLBF (SFADLB,SBDALF?) would still be
sitting in their respective garages and probably repairing bicycles
nowadays had they been that chicken hearted ;-)  LiveCDs are very
important and they must be localized and installable.

Okay, a last time how I got here: I'm living in France being german
and my local linux user group features a french localized knoppix
which is called KLA. I'm quite sure you never heard about it before
but it is a huge success in France and Canada and I read everyday
about new users on the lug mailing list. It has even been distributed
with the french red-hat magazine and is now being distributed by the
french government in the region of Auvergne at 50.000 copies to all
schools. KLA has four selling points: it is french, it is a liveCD, it
is installable and it has french support. And I searched for something
similar with GNOME but it didn't exist. Once again: simply make the
next official GNOME liveCD defaulting to chinese. You think I'm nuts?
You are right! and right now you do understand that five billion
people on earth think that *you* are nuts too forcing them into
english (and english help pages and an english keyboard layout for the
command line switch to any other language)

Thanks for reading ;-) I'm open for any flame, I will read them all
and then properly file them and then at new years eve I'll delete them
alltogether 8-)


P.S: I have been answering here to Murrays posting but it is more a
reply to the list - I highly respect Murray.

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