Re: Create your own customised GNOME liveCD

On Mon, 2005-07-25 at 00:22 -0400, Luis Villa wrote:

> >   1. download and unpack
> grabbing now. Mind if I commit the stuff to CVS once I've reviewed?

Do as you like. It comes at the classical os license: you can do
whatever pleases you but you are quite certainly out for catching a cold
when using it :)

However it still needs some serious work to make it modular, better
customisable and fool-proof.

> > The scripts are simply remastering the hoary liveCD. 
> Presumably fairly easy to point at the breezy stuff as well?

In general it is not difficult to get it adapted to any liveCD that is
based on GNOME and Debian. All the iso's consist of two parts: some
basic stuff to boot the computer and a compressed file system. And
remastering them means just substituting parts of that.

> > I still think it would be cool for the next GNOME release to have a
> > couple dozen localized liveCDs (naturally based on 2.12 and with install
> > option).
> I'm still not excited by the install option, because I don't want to
> do the support, 

Well, let other people do it :) - maybe

You are the first marketing person I know who is afraid that people
actually are going to use the marketed product... :^)

> but otherwise, yes, I agree completely that we should
> do a liveCD basically for each 90+% language that we have.

Non french speaking GNOMERers have quite likely not heard of KLA which
is a fully french localised liveCD based on Knoppix. And yet they got
50.000 copies of that out into the schools in Auvergne[1]. 

Customisation and localisation really matter! And hey - GNOME is still
the easier to use alternative.

> Luis (hoping to push out a 2.11 liveCD at some point in the next few
> days, we'll see) claims to already have done that and works as a drop in
replacement for the hoary iso. You may have a look into that.



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