Re: Create your own customised GNOME liveCD

Great to see you surface again, dude! Hope everything is well.

On 7/24/05, Marcus Bauer <marcus bauer gmail com> wrote:
> Hi, creating a customized GNOME liveCD yourself is easy and takes just a
> few minutes of time:
> It involves three simple steps:
>   1. download and unpack

grabbing now. Mind if I commit the stuff to CVS once I've reviewed?

>   2. ./ en en_US
>   3. burn the resulting .iso onto a CD-ROM and enjoy!


> You can customise in an effortless way:
>   * the default language
>   * background images (boot splash, gnome splash, desktop)
>   * add sample files to the Desktop
>   * add and remove packages
> The scripts are simply remastering the hoary liveCD. 

Presumably fairly easy to point at the breezy stuff as well?

> The idea behind
> having customised liveCDs is to give non-english speakers easy access to
> GNOME: simply putting it into the drive and hitting enter. The CD may
> start up in any language supported by the debian installer and GNOME.
> Additionally it gives everybody the opportunity to make a liveCD with
> ones favourite applications, i.e. rescue tools etc.
> I still think it would be cool for the next GNOME release to have a
> couple dozen localized liveCDs (naturally based on 2.12 and with install
> option).

I'm still not excited by the install option, because I don't want to
do the support, but otherwise, yes, I agree completely that we should
do a liveCD basically for each 90+% language that we have.

Luis (hoping to push out a 2.11 liveCD at some point in the next few
days, we'll see)

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