Re: Create your own customised GNOME liveCD

[FWIW, I actually put together a 2.11 liveCD at one point, but it
ended up being an 800M iso, so I did not distribute ;)

On 7/25/05, Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com> wrote:
> > > Luis (hoping to push out a 2.11 liveCD at some point in the next few
> > > days, we'll see)
> >
> > claims to already have done that and works as a drop in
> > replacement for the hoary iso. You may have a look into that.
> Grrr. and I... hrm. well, anyway. I'll just say that I'm
> not thrilled that there is this duplication of effort, though at this
> point some of it is my fault.

For the record, what I said I'd do at GUADEC that I have failed to do:

* put up so that can be redirected there
* talk to amu about his scripts. I was waiting on you, Marcus, for
that, so I sort of have an excuse there ;)
* put up a 2.11 liveCD

things I think in the end I disagree with gnoppix about:
* naming; I want it called simply the GNOME LiveCD. No one outside a
core group of geeks knows what knoppix is, and so calling it gnoppix
is (1) marketing to the wrong group and (2) confusing to newbies.
* installation: as already pointed out

what has irritated me in the past:
* choice of defaults: gnoppix defaults to firefox, for example; a
custom theme, and for a long time to german :)
* 'distinct' community- the liveCD community, as it is, should be; there is no need for separate boards, etc.

I think we can fix both of these last to (christian implied as much
during GUADEC at least) so much of the ball is in my court right now.
Unfortunately, I don't have very much free time right now. :/ If
someone wanted to put up a that would be
great; I'd hoped to put it together based on andreasn's work, but that
hasn't happened, obviously. :/


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