Re: GNOME en P2P networks

El vie, 23-12-2005 a las 01:10 -0300, Santiago Roza escribió:
> > However, if we put legitimate gnome content, you
> > think that will encourage shady gnome content to get uploaded as well?
> if we put legitimate gnome content once, that will encourage people to
> "help" and make their own "special" versions (compressed with rar with
> their very own password and some stupid readme), and update them when
> they feel is necessary (including alphas and stuff that shouldn't be
> released).
> and even if that doesn't happen (but it will), we don't want to be
> associated with a network that's 99% illegal.

It is not how BitTorrent works.  The torrent file can be always
in our website and also, it allow us to distribute the bandwidth
needed to download an image or whatever is wanted to distribute.

The user use our torrent file taken of our site and that is all.

I'd suggest to read:

Germán Poó Caamaño

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