Re: GNOME en P2P networks

2005/12/23, Santiago Roza <santiago roza thymbra com>:
> > However, if we put legitimate gnome content, you
> > think that will encourage shady gnome content to get uploaded as well?
> if we put legitimate gnome content once, that will encourage people to
> "help" and make their own "special" versions (compressed with rar with
> their very own password and some stupid readme), and update them when
> they feel is necessary (including alphas and stuff that shouldn't be
> released).

I think this is pointless. You always have this situation. Everybody
ca do it on their webpages. Fedora , SuSE, many distributions already
use these networks as a way of distribution. I think it is good if the
content gets more and more legal. Don't discriminate the technology
because there are some legal concerns with some of the content. P2P is
a good thing. Many P2P applications are switching to only allow
donwloading of legal content.


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