GNOME en P2P networks

Hi list,

And this is another story I just wanted to comment with you. I once was
taking about Linux and GNOME with my young cousin who was using
his Windows computer and when he got a bit interested in trying it he
just opened a window with his favorite P2P client (in this case BearShare
which happens to be a Gnutella network client) and started searching
for GNOME.

The results were ridiculous and mostly refering to little creatures living
in the gardens. I then suggested a search for "Ubuntu" and finally some
ISO images of this GNOME-based desktop distro appeared and he
started downloading...

I would have never looked for GNOME software on a P2P network but
only then I realized than many windows users, specially all this young
masses getting their favorite music and movies from those sources turn
to this kind of programs when they think of getting stuff they want.

Only then I recalled a chat with a young graphics designer I had some
months ago and she commented all the software (Macromedia) she
has had been "downloaded from the Internet". She was meaning P2P
networks for sure. Then I suggested she should try The GIMP and
explained that was what I used myself even on Windows and she said
she might give it a try. Maybe she just looked for it with her Gnutella
client and never found it.

Ok, we all know about Google but since this is a marketing list I just
wanted to make sure if we were in a position to try to push the idea
and ask our user base to get including GNOME related stuff in their
own P2P shared files.

A short list of stuff that could be there could be:

- GNOME Live CD iso
- Ubuntu ISOs properly renamed to something like this:
- HTML documentation in .tar.gz (or even .zip) formats
- Some short video explaining what the whole GNOME thing is? :)
- Some nice "marketing" PDF document for starters?
- A compilation of free GNOME tutorials, books and stuff (in .rar. format?)

You get the idea. If you like the idea maybe I could set up a page explaining
this in l.g.o and then we could start pushing the idea mailing our local linux
lists (or whenever our users are) so they get the whole thing rolling...

What do you think?


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