Re: GNOME en P2P networks

Mmmm... we are simply talking about recommending in a paragraph of a
spread-gnome page somewhere in that users of P2P networks have
GNOME related files in their shared folders, isn't it? I mean, no big
campaign. No big deal, but a useful tip.

In the kiosks you can buy porn and lots of non-free software magazines.
Same with CDs, DVDs and the WWW itself. Do we want to be associated with

If you go deeper into the "medium is the message" concept you would
realise that the P2P networks are a medium that fits perfectly in our
message. And GNOME fits pefectly in the P2P networks. We mostly develop
a desktop and applications for peers (some call them 'Human Beings').

En/na Santiago Roza ha escrit:
> we don't want to be
> associated with a network that's 99% illegal.

Your perception of the P2P networks seems to be biased. Be careful, you
could be a victim of the cultural industries and the mass media
manipulation, that insist in this 99% of illegality.

Also... is this the only use of P2P networks? Thanks to them I got lots
of information when I wanted to know more about CSS, UML, MySQL, PHP,
server administration (including PDFs and video tutorials). It would
have taken ages to find the same content in the WWW, if available. Maybe
I didn't get the latest versions, but I learnt a lot and then I was able
to find and understand the latest information directly to the sources in
the WWW.

P2P networks are full of free software and free culture, and we want to
be associated with this.

In any case, I have no problem that non-free software users sharing
today porn, warez, mp3, divx, etc, will do it in a future on the top of
a GNOME desktop. At least at some point they will learn how useless
pirate software for MS Windows is. Can't help with the rest, nor want to.

Your position in this debate exemplarises the will of centralisation I
was commenting in Planet GNOME:

The price of non-automated moderation and centralisation

Quim Gil -

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