Re: GNOME en P2P networks

> You're forgetting the fact that I can upload "naughty schoolgirls 4" and
> rename it to "gnome-something" and no one can stop me.

no i'm not forgetting it, i'm just acknowledging the fact that it
seems like nobody has thought of that yet.  and i don't feel like
encouraging them.

anyway, now that i think of it i see my pr0n example was bad, so i'll
move on to real-life examples: sometimes i've searched for ubuntu or
openoffice or whatever in emule, and i've rarely seen the latest
official and untouched versions as the most sourced ones.

when they upload stuff to p2p networks, people like to "help" by
compressing stuff with .rar (and adding a password so they have to
visit their site), adding incorrect readmes, uploading experimental
alphas, and in general messing everything up.

do we want people doing that with our gnome?  do we want to distribute
gnome in ways that we don't control at all?  can we guarantee that
we'll always be the most sourced file?  can we guarantee that we'll
always keep up with the latest versions?

i don't think so...

imho we shouldn't try to cover every single distribution method out
there.  it'd be more than enough if we had proper distribution
channels, all of them properly associated with

Santiago Roza
Departamento I+D - Thymbra
santiago roza thymbra com

ps: midget pr0n?  cool!
(ok just kidding  :P)

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