Marketing team's role (was: Re: response to linus...?)

Hi Santiago,

Santiago Roza wrote:
i meant "we" the marketing team; dude i don't consider myself a gnome hacker  :)

Everyone involved with GNOME is in the marketing team. Kathy Sierra wrote at lenght about this:

The marketing team's job is not to dictate GNOME positions on anything. Nor is it necessarily to communicate them (although we will certainly be involved in a lot of communication effort).

I see us bridging a gap between developers and users (actual and potential). We have an opportunity to mould, through our actions, the image of the GNOME project, and also to actually help affect the direction of the project. But just being on the marketing team doesn't give us the moral authority to do anything. We must flow like water, and not tilt at windmills.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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