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En/na Santiago Roza ha escrit:
> ok i won't, btw i wasn't trying to confuse anyone, but who cares anyway?

If we wouldn't care wou wouldn't get any response, mate.

> thanks to the list for pretty much killing my enthusiasm with all this

If your enthusiasm may kill in one day what we are trying to build in
years, the least we could do is to warn you.

> over-the-top fear to linus and fantastic stop energy.

As far as I know we are only stopping from puting GNOME in your signature.

Ask yourself why is so important for you to keep it there.

Ask yourself why aren't you asking if the board or any other high
profile GNOME member has contacted Linus yet.

> marketing doesn't have a thing to do with public relations, how could
> i get that wrong?

How can you keep avoiding the fact that "The Foundation will act as an
official voice for the GNOME project" (,
GNOME has agreed that the board is the body that assumes this
responsibility and from a strategic perspective only the board or a
GNOME high profile will have a real impact in Linus' and the 1001
webistes mailboxes?

>  i'll just ask for a refund on all those books...

Don't. Instead, read again the chapters relating to what the role of the
marketing department needs to be inside an organisation, how to make the
marketing department a trusted body inside an organisation and what
problems a marketing department can create in an organisation if not
being conscious of its own position inside the organisation, ignoring
the rest of bodies and leading marketing actions controversial inside
the organisation.

Leading a marketing action like the one you are proposing in the context
of our structure and our history as organisation would be considered
possibly wrong by most authors of these books.

You can blame the GNOME structure and history, getting upset now and
something something. You can help changing this structure and history in
order to improve them and allow marketing actions like this in a near

> you mean a clear, simple, informative, and non-confrontational answer,
> like the one i just wrote?
> oh wait... that's the one we shouldn't be using, because something something.

My recommendation: go to sleep, take a shower, read back all this thread
and take not-hot conclusions. Linus can wait one day to be convinced
isn't it?

Or simply, send it now without mentioning GNOME in the signature. I'm
not saying your answer is not clear, simple, informative, and
non-confrontational. I haven't discussed a single line of it. I'm not
discussing the fact that you send the message either. I'm just
suggesting you take out "GNOME Marketing Team" from your signature.

Quim Gil -

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