Re: response to linus...?

Santiago Roza wrote:

Which to my mind is completely different from calling beginners as idiots.

what kind of user is more likely to be confused by extra
functionality?  a begginer or an expert?

yes, a begginer.  and linus called those users idiots, ergo he called
begginers idiots.

It seems to me that some amount of users possibly traditional UNIX ones are getting annoyed about perceived lack of configurability rather than beginners and the quote from Linus actually implied that GNOME was not catering to this segment of users which might as well as be true. Either we explain how well we cater to those segment of users ( or we should be explaining why the preferences were reduced and its positive impact on functionality like James did or just admit it when there are bugs which include information on bug numbers as well as how the rest of the community can help in fixing them.


communicating them where and to whom?  in our website, which has 100x
times less traffic than that slashdot news that pretty much burned us?
that means external communication to you?"

sorry, i should have said "1% focused in communicational issues", not "0%"   :) "

Lot of assumptions going on there. Collect more of these information and create wiki pages out of them. Getting those links included in high visibility documentation like the release notes like what Luis suggested which would mean that the same slashdot crowd would be able to read it when GNOME 2.14 is out.


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