Re: response to linus...?


I dont think be implied that absolute beginners to be idiots which
breaks down the whole message.

linus said gnome's mentality was "users are idiots, and are confused
by functionality"... does it really sound like he's talking about
advanced users?

Which to my mind is completely different from calling beginners as idiots.

cool, we should just let everyone trash our image in every single
website on earth, because that's not relevant to us.  what are we
after all?  the gnome marketing team?  :)
A better approach would be go through many of the common criticisms systematically and communicate which of these are design issues or bugs. Start out with the usual suspects like nautilus or the GTK file dialog box. Linus is far from the only person having the same opinions so avoid targeting anyone in particular and just try and make the design decisions more transparent. This blog for example is a wonderful example to emulate


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