Re: response to linus...?

On 12/15/05, Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com> wrote:
> On 12/15/05, Santiago Roza <santiago roza thymbra com> wrote:
> > > You're certainly welcome to send whatever response you want, but I'd
> > > suggest that there are many better things to do than respond directly
> > > to Linus.
> >
> >
> > cool then; message acknowledged.  i now understand that we're a
> > marketing team that thinks:
> >
> > - our brand's image isn't too big of a deal, and we should just stay
> > arms crossed if people trashes it in public with inaccurate
> > statements.
> > - external communications, no matter how polite and non-controversial,
> > are a waste of time because they aren't "constructive".
> > - trying to take advantage of a particular event that hurt our brand,
> > in order to "repair" it in public, is another waste of time.
> >
> > that's such an innovative approach on marketing!  so innovating it
> > contradicts everything i've ever been taught in college, and
> > everything i've ever read... so i guess it must be way better.
> >
> > these are the times when i finallly understand why we are incapable of
> > doing anything more complex (marketing-wise) than plain meaningless
> > advertising.
> Let me put this the other way around:
> what exactly is it that you think that yet another round of discussion
> on this topic will accomplish?

Let me be more specific, in fact:

What exactly is it that you think that the marketing team can
accomplish in this discussion that mailing list posts from jeff waugh
and havoc pennington, hundreds of impassioned posts on slashdot, and
hundreds of impassioned posts on blogs (totally ignoring the nearly
four years of discussion behind this) have not already done?

If you can specify something we can accomplish that all those other
things have not, then I'll be very happy to do it. But I am not seeing
it yet.


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