Re: [Libxmlplusplus-general] Status

Murray Cumming wrote:

You have a habit of ignoring replies to your questions and just
restating your issues. I have said more than twice now that Nodes and
Attributes are meant to be created and owned by other libxml++ objects,
not directly. I have also said that I would like the API to show that.

Good, we agree. (the point was whether I considered the patch to be
self-contained or not; now we agree that it was not, and that further
API changes need to be done in order to make the API and its semantics

And if the answer is 'the callee', I'd ask 'and how can I create an object that is not owned by the callee' ? Etc., you get the idea.

First you would say Why you would want to do that.

Imagine you use this API to build an xml editor. When editing
a document, you may 'cut' stuff out, put it into a 'clipboard',
and 'paste' it at a later point somewhere else (whether it is
the same document or not).

This use case implies change-of-ownership semantics, somewhere.

and which should be added before the
API can be considered complete.

APIs are never complete. APIs are stable at best.

I'd phrase it a bit less radically. As an API has (or can have)
a specific goal, such as to implement a given spec, it may (in
that respect) well be considered complete. If this sounds too
much like an imperative to you, use 'self-contained' instead.


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