Re: GIR-based vala bindings

On Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 4:16 PM, Lorenzo Masini <lorenxo86 gmail com> wrote:
> Robert: probabily you are the one who best tested python bindings.
> Since I have made some changes in gobject introspection files, could you
> give them a try after Jiri have committed all the stuff?

Is it committed yet? I just rebuilt my jhbuild environment and got
libchamplain commit 9c42276d437eaede6337c18b50ab4dbad6eb4ed7
("0.9.1"), and my test suite passes fully here.

My test suite doesn't cover the full libchamplain API but it does
cover the full functionality of my app, so this means there's no
trouble showing a map, putting paths and labels on it, moving them
around, etc etc. Notably I don't test anything to do with different
map sources because my app doesn't have those features yet.


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