Re: GIR-based vala bindings

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 12:02, Lorenzo Masini <lorenxo86 gmail com> wrote:
> Il giorno dom, 27/03/2011 alle 17.47 +0200, Jiří Techet ha scritto:
>> any progress with this? At the moment the vala bindings in
>> libchamplain are quite outdated and it would be quite a lot of work to
>> bring them up to date which I'd like to avoid. If the vala branch for
>> using girs for binding generation is usable, we could use it to
>> generate the vapi's even though it's not released yet. All we need are
>> the vapi's which can then be distributed with libchamplain so normal
>> users don't have to generate them.
> I'm sorry, I have been quite busy lately.
> For now, I've fixed the GIRs generation, it remains only to change
> bindings/vala/*/ to call vapigen with the right arguments.
> I removed gtk+ as dependecy of champlain, too.
> I'd like to integrate the vapi generation in makefiles because the
> memphis support is not splitted into a different vapi file.
> If memphis support is enabled, it simply include the memphis package and
> export the champlain-memphis package as well as the champlain one.
> Actually I have only one issue: when I try to generate the champlain-gtk
> vapi, it looks for champlain instead of Champlain.
> I'll try to find a solution soon.
>> Even if the vapi generation isn't ready yet, is there anything I
>> should pull from your branch before the 0.10 release (which I plan to
>> make in about a week)?
> I try to finish all the stuff this week.
> If you want, I can send you the vapi I'm actually using in the
> meanwhile.

Hi Lorenzo,

good to hear you are working on it and that it's working in some way.
There's no need to send me the vapi files unless you feel you don't
have enough time to complete the full generation integration to
makefiles (in that case I would just distribute the vapi's and the
build integration would be done later). Also if you want some more
time I can make the release a bit later - I just want to make it
around the gnome 3 release time.

I was wondering if we need the bindings directory at all - are some of
the metadata files needed or only gir files are used for the
generation? If so then it would be maybe enough to extend the
makefiles in champlain and champlain-gtk directories and move the vala
demo under demos.

Also if you generate the vapi's in the makefiles, there should be a
configure option for enabling/disabling vapi generation. The
generation should actually be needed only when new release is made and
not during ordinary build. But don't worry about such details much - I
can adjust the makefiles myself once I see how the generation works.

Thanks for your work!


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