GIR-based vala bindings

Hi everyone.
I'm trying to change the method of generation of vapi files for Vala

It should improve the Vala bindings generation, simplifing the
generation itself (no need of vala-gen-introspect, so bindings can be
generated during build) and more accurate bindings (if the GIRs are
correctly generated the .metadata files become useless).

I'm using the switch-to-gir branch of vala, which should be merged in
master soon.

For now I've only fixed the generation of GIR files (see for informations) in
my personal clone
Probably, it will need some other enhancements.

Now I'm stuck on some autoconf/automake issues (because my leak of
knowledge about them).
In particular, I need that at the moment of GIR files generation,
the .pc files in the $top_builddir are the ones that will be installed
Another problem is that I can't set the PKG_BUILD_PATH to $top_builddir
in champlain-gtk/ to make g-ir-scanner find the not yet
installed .pc files.

Can someone help me?


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