Re: GIR-based vala bindings

Il giorno dom, 27/03/2011 alle 17.47 +0200, Jiří Techet ha scritto:
> any progress with this? At the moment the vala bindings in
> libchamplain are quite outdated and it would be quite a lot of work to
> bring them up to date which I'd like to avoid. If the vala branch for
> using girs for binding generation is usable, we could use it to
> generate the vapi's even though it's not released yet. All we need are
> the vapi's which can then be distributed with libchamplain so normal
> users don't have to generate them.

I'm sorry, I have been quite busy lately.
For now, I've fixed the GIRs generation, it remains only to change
bindings/vala/*/ to call vapigen with the right arguments.
I removed gtk+ as dependecy of champlain, too.

I'd like to integrate the vapi generation in makefiles because the
memphis support is not splitted into a different vapi file.
If memphis support is enabled, it simply include the memphis package and
export the champlain-memphis package as well as the champlain one.

Actually I have only one issue: when I try to generate the champlain-gtk
vapi, it looks for champlain instead of Champlain.
I'll try to find a solution soon.

> Even if the vapi generation isn't ready yet, is there anything I
> should pull from your branch before the 0.10 release (which I plan to
> make in about a week)?

I try to finish all the stuff this week.
If you want, I can send you the vapi I'm actually using in the


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