Re: what was the state of the python bindings back in 0.8?

On Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 3:44 PM, Jiří Techet <techet gmail com> wrote:
> what you are experiencing is just our good old friend:

Hmmm, the symptoms were slightly different. Back when I was
experiencing that bug the first time around, panning the map around
forced it to update itself. And the problem with redrawing the screen
wasn't limited to portions of the map, it was always the whole map.

This time around, (large) sections of the map won't update at all
regardless of how much I pan it, while (small) sections of the map
redraw freely without issue. It was quite strange. i should do a

> I assume Fedora ships with clutter 1.6 and older version of
> libchamplain 0.8.x. The bug should be fixed in libchamplain 0.8.2.

Confirmed, libchamplain 0.8.1 and clutter 1.6. So it probably is that
bug then. I guess it is worth my time to continue backporting to 0.8
then ;-)

> Unfortunately I have just realized that I haven't tested the release
> enough and that polygons are not displayed because they are handled
> differently in 0.8. I've already fixed it and will make the 0.8.3
> release with the fix just after writing this email.

Cool, good stuff.

> If distributions are going to ship libchamplain 0.8.x with clutter
> 1.6, they will have to ship the 0.8.3 release otherwise libchamplain
> just won't work.
> About the python support in 0.8 - it should be identical to what was
> in master at the beginning of January before I started making the
> bigger changes in the API.

Ok, yeah. I just remember having a lot of troubles with the
introspection annotations and i wasn't sure if those fixes made it
into 0.8.x or not.

Thanks Jiri!


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