Re: [jokosher-devel] All new Ubuntu-specific Jokosher runscript

On 11/16/06, Michael Sheldon <webmaster mikeasoft com> wrote:
 Ah right, sorry got the wrong end of the stick. I think all of the
GStreamer bugs that effect us have been fixed from at least a week ago.
So HEAD isn't compulsory, might be a good idea to do some testing and
find out which revision seems to work best for most people.

Absolutely. I'd like to be able to nominate a gst revision that we're
happy with for 0.2, because:

1. my script can then check that version out, rather than HEAD, so
we're protected if they break gst or introduce new requirements
2. hopefully that revision that we nominate will be before the liboil
requirement change, meaning that Jokosher 0.2 with the script will
still work in dapper


<muntyan> what's the point in embedding emacs anyway? it's like
         embedding rocket ship into toyota camry

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