Re: [jokosher-devel] Where should the images go?

On 27/07/06, Chris Brown <snecklifter gmail com> wrote:

On 27/07/06, Michael Sheldon <webmaster mikeasoft com> wrote:
> This is already fixed in Jokosher SVN; If you grab revision 467 you'll
> pretty much have 0.1 with the dependancy on alsaaudio removed. The
> information we require can already be obtained from the current GstMixer
> system; it's just that it's a flag in GstMixerTrack instead of a function
> like set_record_flag() in GstMixer so was overlooked until wingo pointed
> it out.

If thats the case then I propose a 0.1.1 release and scrub alsaaudio for
good (from webpage, releases etc). Thoughts?
I could document this in the FAQ (once we release 0.1.1). It would be
nice to have the FAQ up somewhere, though. We could post it on the
forums as well.

I'd want to get 0.1.1 packages out and at least test that they work.
We could also dump the Intro-Walkthrough from the docs team in there
(it's currently only available on the web site). I'm willing to be
outvoted if this is too much work for just a bump release.

Jeff Ratliff (Gomer_X)

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