Re: [jokosher-devel] Documentation Team - plan for 0.1

On 7/15/06, Jono Bacon <jonobacon gmail com> wrote:
> Yes, there's a lot to be done after release, but I'm trying not to
> think about it.  :)  I'm assuming Mr. Kosher will handle styles for
> the online docs for now, but if I get a chance I'll try to link in the
> style sheets on the new

I was gonna mail about this. If you chaps could ensure you use
standard HTML headings for the section heads and don't include any
styles, the site stylesheet should pick it up. Try and keep the HTML
as simple as possible. :)

As much as you can, try to not contort the HTML so that it fits the
new site; I can imagine a separate "Book of Jokosher" later on which
is the documentation, and it would be highly nice to be able to style
that without editing all the HTML :)


Medio tutissimus ibis.
(You will travel safest in a middle course)
        -- family motto

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