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I thought I'd already sent this... sorry for probable duplication.

Fellow Documentation hackers!

Jeff Ratliff wrote:
> =FAQ= - There's a LOT to do here. I don't know how much time I'll have
> to work on it. Feel free to edit, add and change. Follow the TODO if
> possible, but there's plenty more to be added. By the 19th I'll make
> final edits (removing anything irrelevant), and put it in HTML for
> packaging and for the website. I'll get it to Jono.
I think we should try to get all the important known bugs and limitations
(seeking, recording multiple instruments) in there so everyone using 0.1 will
know that certain things are bound not to work.

> =German Docs= - (last, but not least) Dennis, thanks for your
> tremendous work in such a short time. I'll work on getting things
> finalized on the Wiki so you can finish translation. I'll try to let
> you know when a document is finished so you can make final changes.
> I'll also try to make my labelled screen shots available so you can
> edit the text and make German versions of the labels. It's pretty
> simple in the GIMP, and I can help if need be. I can take
> reponsibility for getting HTML docs from the Wiki and getting them
> submitted for final packaging.
I try to keep the German docs pretty much synchronized to the original ones,
usually with a delay of a day at most. [By the way, is it possible to get a
diff over multiple versions in the Wiki and am I just too stupid to find it?]
I've taken care to write the current documentation mentioning German terms for
specific options ('Bearbeiten' for 'Edit' and so on) but putting the terms
that people are going to find in the UI right beside that so even without
relabeled screenshots things should be pretty easy to find. If you could put
the screenshots somewhere for me to get, I'd translate them of course.
Packaging the docs as HTML isn't a problem either... Once we've got a new
layout for the website, it'd sure be nice to include the custom style sheet to
give the docs a more Jokosher'y feel.


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