Re: Gtkmm installation

2011/8/29 Glus Xof <gtglus gmail com>:
> 2011/8/29 Glus Xof <gtglus gmail com>:
>>> You probably should jhbuild librsvg - it has its own plugin for
>>> handling svg in gdk-pixbuf.
>> The installation of librsvg via jhbuild is now in progress... I'll tell you...
> Thanks... librsvg works fine and solved the problem.
>> but, (maybe they are not a Gtkmm specific questions...sorry)
>> how could I do to exec apps without calling "jhbuild shell" before...
>> (some data in Makefiles, maybe, etc...) ?
> I think that in my situation an static compiling rather a dinamic
> would be enough... (if could be done...)
> The extract of my (at the sources directory) is,
> -----
> AM_CXXFLAGS = -DDATADIR=\"$(appdatadir)\"
> INCLUDES = $(gtkmm_CFLAGS) -DLOCALEDIR=\""$(datadir)/locale"\"
> LDADD = $(gtkmm_LIBS) -lxklavier -lssl -lcrypto
> -----
> Which changes should I do on it ?

Before all...

is it possible to compile my app statically ??
Could be really done ?? (seems no static libraries present...)

Do you need anymore data ?

The idea here is to find a way to avoid "jhbuild shell" every time
before running my app...


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