Gtkmm installation

Hi guys,

After the Mr Cumming's response in Buzilla, yesterday, I'm analysing
my Gtkmm installation...

While I'm working in a Debian GNU/Linux system, the shared libraries
are already installed by package manager...

On the other hand & for getting the last version, I build Gtkmm (in my
/home folder) using jhbuild & git.

My hypothese is that my app, according to the newest jhbuild & git
version (and after setting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH envent var) compiles
well, but breaks because it runs according to the content of the older
deb package version.

If so (if I well realized the problem), how can I solve and finish the
installation ?
(Must copy -or delete- something to /usr/lib.. ?, must set an extra var ?, ...)


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