Re: road to gtkmm 2.10

>> It is possible by using the patch that is attached to 338843; or by
>> including the GtkRecentAction that is defined in it in your own code
>> (after renaming it, of course...).
> This sounds like a rather nasty workaround and not particularly
> appropriate for a simple tutorial example.  As far as I know,
> GtkRecentAction is scheduled to be added for 2.12, so I'm not planning
> to include an example of Recent files with UIManager right now.  We'll
> add it in the next cycle.  Is that OK?


> I have committed a preliminary chapter to the tutorial for recent
> files, but I think the example needs quite a bit of work (for one
> thing, It doesn't even seem to show the recent files dialog when you
> click the menu item).  I'm thinking about overhauling that example to
> simply use a Gtk::RecentChooserWidget packed into a window (maybe as a
> sidebar).

I'd prefer to use the standard dialog if we are going to show a dialog.
Can't we just make it work?

>  Right now there seems to be too much menu / toolbar code
> that distracts from the goal of the example: using the recent items
> stuff.  Is it OK if I make some changes to this example?

Well, I'd like it to be as much like a real world use as possible. But I'm
not sure how useful it is without a sub menu anyway.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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