Re: Can't add new GTK 2.16 methods to GtkStyle

Emmanuel Rodriguez <emmanuel rodriguez gmail com> writes:

+=for apidoc Gtk2::Style::get
+=for signature $style->get (widget_package, ...)

If both gobject get and get_property are hidden perhaps the pod could
have a crib that GtkStyle doesn't have any GObject properties to get or
set, though if a subclass did you can always $style->Glib::Object::get
to access them (assuming that's true).

+=for apidoc Gtk2::Style::get_property
+=for arg widget_package (__hide__)

There's some trick to get the two docs together isn't there?

+                warn ("Invalid property `%s' used, returning undef", name);

Should that croak the way g_object_get does on an unknown property?
When in doubt you could either eval to trap, or ask
find_style_property() what's available (if that's wrapped).

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