Re: Can't add new GTK 2.16 methods to GtkStyle

On Jan 20, 2009, at 2:13 PM, Emmanuel Rodriguez wrote:

Here's a new version of the patch with the fixes requested.


Comment suffers cut and paste bug -- refers to g_object_get_property(), i think you mean gtk_style_get_property().

Don't need braces around C if blocks with only one statement in them.

Indentation on g_type_class_unref() is wonky.

If we actually hit the warn ("Invalid property ...") case, i think that the return list will contain the property name instead of the value. Should that case include ST (i - 2) = newSV (&PL_sv_undef) so that we give back undef for bad property names? Or should we croak on bad property names, flagging that as programmer error?

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