muppet wrote  on 09/28/2005 03:17 PM:
> We're attempting to keep the Gtk2::foo namespace for language
> bindings,
> and placing extensions implemented in pure perl in the  Gtk2::Ex::foo
> namespace.  If you do release this to CPAN, please  consider calling
> it
> Gtk2::Ex::HyperTextView.

Done. Searched and replaced all occurrences of HyperTextView with Ex::HyperTextView.

(( I see some CPAN distributions append an extra 'X' to the namespace for extensions, like for example the MasonX namespace. I suppose you like Gtk2::Ex better then Gtk2X:: - fine with me. ))

> If you just want to know when a GtkEntry's contents have changed,
> connected to "changed".

Thanks, that is exactly what I wanted :)

Gavin Henry wrote  on 09/28/2005 01:11 PM:
> Looks great and I was just going to package it up for Fedora Extras,
> but I
> noticed that you don't have any tests, i.e. make test.

Yes, we are still in alpha testing at the moment. I will add tests with the beta version (which I will release this weekend or else next week). But probably I will only add tests for the filesystem interaction and the parsing of wiki content. Automatic testing of the GUI does not have priority for me.

Thanks to all for all the positive responses :)

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