muppet wrote:
by the way, i tried out Zim this morning...  installing Module::Build via CPAN
gave me fits (no root access, firewall, lots of brokenness, very aggravating),
but the editor was quite nifty.

Yes, installing Module::Build can be a bit hairy. But from the developer point of view it is much more pleasant to work with than MakeMaker. Also it removes the dependency on make(1). Developement on M:B is still ongoing so if you have a report about what went wrong I can complain to the people on that list :)

since i couldn't install on this machine as root, i had to do a user install
with "perl Build.PL install_base=$HOME/local".  Zim doesn't seem to be very
happy with that at the moment.  i had to copy the stuff from Zim/share to
~/.local/share/zim by hand.  the "Link" toolbar button icon was missing, as

I put code in the installer script to support install_base, but I must confess I didn't test it yet. I will make sure this works for the next release.

Regarding the 'link' icon. I've seen that on one other system as well. I thought 'gtk-link' was a stock icon, but apparently it is not shipped with all gtk instalations. Is there an "official" list of stock icons to use, or should I package stock icons with the application ?

Thanks for the info,

- Pardus

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