On Sep 28, 2005, at 3:22 AM, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:

Zim is a WYSIWYG text editor written in Gtk2-Perl.

I've added a link to .

I have implemented one custom class, the Gtk2::HyperTextView which is derived from TextView but is able to render links. I'm considering releasing this module onto CPAN as a separate package.

We're attempting to keep the Gtk2::foo namespace for language bindings, and placing extensions implemented in pure perl in the Gtk2::Ex::foo namespace. If you do release this to CPAN, please consider calling it Gtk2::Ex::HyperTextView.

I also have one question for you people: I tried connecting to the 'insert-at-cursor' signal for Gtk2::Entry but this signal is never emitted. Are there known oddities with this signal or should I report on this?

I don't know about known oddities, but indeed, a quick read of the gtk + source confirms that the signal is not emitted within the code of GtkEntry itself. The signal parallels the one defined for GtkTextView, and i'm guessing this is to allow TextView and Entry to be treated identically by the emacs key-binding code. That is, the signal exists to be invoked as a method by name from some other machinery. rev=1.5&view=markup

If you just want to know when a GtkEntry's contents have changed, connected to "changed".

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