Zim is a WYSIWYG text editor written in Gtk2-Perl.
Looks nifty. I got it running on my debian box smoothly.

Couldn't get it to work on win32. Issue is File::MimeInfo I guess. So
does File::MimeInfo work on win32 without cygwin ? (You have mentioned
the same package in the other email thread).

I am new to that package, but this link suggests otherwise.

We can take this discussion outside the list if it is just specific to

On 9/28/05, Jaap Karssenberg <j g karssenberg student utwente nl> wrote:
(( I see some CPAN distributions append an extra 'X' to the namespace
for extensions, like for example the MasonX namespace. I suppose you
like Gtk2::Ex better then Gtk2X:: - fine with me. ))

Yeah. Folks here came to a consensus on that namespace.



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