Re: How about a 'recipes' page in the wiki ?

On Apr 27, 2005, at 8:44 PM, ofey aikon wrote:

Or ::Cookbook, as a collection of recipes would customarily be
called. :-)

actually i wouldn't necessarily expect the recipes/cookbook style stuff to be runnable scripts anyway. they should be stripped down to only the relevant portion of code with lots of discussion and comments. if someone out there has

How about collecting all examples into a package called

Gtk-Perl included a cookbook manpage, which was quite helpful, but disappointingly short. It contained snippets showing only the relevant code to accomplish some task (splash screen and validating input in an entry), as well as a crash-course intro to Gtk, and it was installed with the binding so that you didn't have to have a network connection in order to read it.

The precedent for a cookbook-style document is, i think, The Perl Cookbook. Problem, Solution, Discussion. I think it would be very good to have a document of this form, and i like wikis because it removes the problem of maintenance of the document, albeit at the expense of requiring a network connection to read it.

Working examples are nice, but the problem is twofold: realistic examples are dauntingly large (e.g., and small educational examples are trivial and don't give enough context. There's also the problem that writing exemplary code is Hard.

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