Re: How about a 'recipes' page in the wiki ?

On 4/27/05, ofey aikon <ofey aikon gmail com> wrote:
My snippets collection is organized into catagories like:
font/    fun/  glade/  objects/
Gtk1/  gnome/  packing/  progressbar/

My original intention was to maintain stuff in the wiki. Easy to
update and easy to enter new examples. But looks like you have a whole
lotta stuff in your collection, may be maintaining them as a package
would be better.

Actually most of the stuff in my app was taken directly from the
examples directory.
I thought it would be better to include it in the in the Gtk2 distro
as an installable
If that's not what people here want then we can maintain it as a
separate package
Gtk2::Tutorial or Gtk2::Ex::Tutorial or as a simple (g)zip-ed file
without any real installation.


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