Re: How about a 'recipes' page in the wiki ?

A. Pagaltzis said:
* Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com> [2005-04-27 09:15]:
How about "Gtk2::Ex::Recipes"?

Or ::Cookbook, as a collection of recipes would customarily be
called. :-)

you all are free to do as you wish, but personally i'd much rather have this
type of stuff on a website than as a self contained package, especially one
that had to be installed somewhere just to look at examples.

actually i wouldn't necessarily expect the recipes/cookbook style stuff to be
runnable scripts anyway. they should be stripped down to only the relevant
portion of code with lots of discussion and comments. if someone out there has
possession of good examples or improvement upon the existing stuff they should
be submitting them for possible inclusion etc.

you can install the gtk-demo and examples files with:
    make install-gtk-demo install-examples
in the Gtk2 source directory. they are installed in to
$PREFIX/share/doc/perl-Gtk2/ if you all do create a package i would suggest
installing to $PREFIX/share/doc/perl-Gtk2-Cookbook or something similar unless
you do it as pod (which would be annoying as hell.)


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