Re: How about a 'recipes' page in the wiki ?

On Wed, 2005-04-27 at 17:44 -0700, ofey aikon wrote:

actually i wouldn't necessarily expect the recipes/cookbook style stuff to be
runnable scripts anyway. they should be stripped down to only the relevant
portion of code with lots of discussion and comments. if someone out there has

How about collecting all examples into a package called
Gtk2::Ex::Cookbook. But still maintain the wiki with relevant snippets
of code but point to the actual working examples in the package (/cvs)

My rationale is that typically beginners (from my own experience)
prefer functioning code than snippets/pseudo-code just 'cos its easy
to play around with working code than snippets.

Speaking for myself, I would find isolated snippets far more useful than
complete functioning examples.  The demo and example scripts in the Gtk2
distribution provides pretty good functioning examples, but there is so
much extraneous framework code in there it can be difficult to isolate
which bits are pertinent and in what order the various routines are

Your point that the examples should be accessible via Google is an
especially important one.

Also if the information is in a Wiki then it is much easier for people
to contribute new snippets or polish up the existing ones.


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