Re: Steering people away from GtkPerl (was: passing arguments to the)

On Apr 12, 2005, at 9:13 AM, A. Pagaltzis wrote:

Further, Patrice le Borgne who offers a french tutorial[4] could also be asked.

Patrice has a gtk2-perl tutorial... linked from

If Dermot Musgrove also agrees to put a notice in his Glade-Perl page[5] (it already points to Glade-Perl-Two, but without an explicit suggestion to skip the old version), that would put pointers to Gtk2-Perl in the top Google hits for "perl gtk" – except for itself of course.

Glade-Perl-Two doesn't work with Gtk2 >= 0.20 --- it still wants to use the old Inline bindings. I just tried emailing Dermot at both addresses listed on his site. One address came back "User Unknown", the other "Mailbox Inactive". This is pretty much the same situation as late 2003. I can't find any info about him after 2002 with google. I wonder if he's okay...

But right now, seems down. The domain resolves, but
any requests time out (I’ve checked from multiple locations).

I see the same thing. Last i recall, the hosting was donated (according to the site) and my emails to the webmaster (from 2003 to this winter) were never answered.

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