Steering people away from GtkPerl (was: passing arguments to the)

* Ross McFarland <rwmcfa1 neces com> [2005-04-12 14:15]:
we've tried for quite some time to reach someone in control of to get them to point to gtk2-perl etc. and have
had no luck. 

If the maintainer is not just unwilling, but actually absent,
then it would be possible to take maintainership of the GtkPerl
distro on CPAN in order to slap a big "DEPRECATED DO NO USE"
sticker on it (like I did with Gtk::HandyCList[1]). All that
takes is a few mails to modules cpan org and some patience.

Wouldnât that suffice to steer most people away and over to

It might be good to also contact Stephen Wilhelm and ask him to
add a deprecation notice to his Gtk-Perl tutorial[2], as well as
whoever has mirrored it at [3]. Further, Patrice le Borgne who
offers a french tutorial[4] could also be asked. If Dermot
Musgrove also agrees to put a notice in his Glade-Perl page[5]
(it already points to Glade-Perl-Two, but without an explicit
suggestion to skip the old version), that would put pointers to
Gtk2-Perl in the top Google hits for "perl gtk" â except for itself of course.

But right now, seems down. The domain resolves, but
any requests time out (Iâve checked from multiple locations).
That may or may not change in the future. At the very least, it
has been the state of affairs long enough for Google to flush its
cache of the site.


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