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On Apr 11, 2005, at 8:11 PM, Gabor Szabo wrote:

I was looking at the tutorial of Stephen Wilhelm and here signalsandevents.html

That is, of course, the tutorial for the old gtk+ 1.x Gtk-Perl. Ross sent a link to the tutorial for Gtk2-Perl, which is currently incomplete. (Calling all volunteers, hint, hint ;-)

it sais the callback can get a list of parameters like this:
So are these one of the differences between the old Gtk and new new
one or did I misunderstand something ?

Yes, it is one of the differences between Gtk-Perl and Gtk2-Perl. It was a conscious decision to change this, because the Gtk-Perl way both differed from the C API reference and made it almost impossible to determine reliably where the actual callback arguments started (you could have arbitrary numbers of user data args).

This is one of the things described in the Guide to Porting from Gtk-Perl to Gtk2-Perl.

I think it worked on the Wiley Coyote model of project management - if
at any point you looked down and realised what you were doing was
impossible then you'd instantly fail.
  -- Simon Wistow

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