passing arguments to the

I am new to Gtk as you will notice from my questions.

I was looking at the tutorial of Stephen Wilhelm and here
it sais the callback can get a list of parameters like this:

$object->signal_connect( "signal_name", \&signal_func, $optional_data ... );

$object->signal_connect( "signal_name", \&signal_func, @optional_data );

but in my short experiments it seems more like I have to send array refs:

$object->signal_connect( "signal_name", \&signal_func, [$optional_data ... ]);

$object->signal_connect( "signal_name", \&signal_func, \ optional_data );

I also seem to understand that the signal_func actually receives these
3 parameters:
($widget, $callback, $param)

So are these one of the differences between the old Gtk and new new
one or did I misunderstand something ?


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