Re: passing arguments to the

On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 01:15, Ari Jolma wrote:

Does anybody know why this still comes up as the first if you type "perl 
gtk" to the google? Of course "perl gtk2" gets one where one wants to go 
but I believe many people got a wrong start because of this (I, for one).

we've tried for quite some time to reach someone in control of to get them to point to gtk2-perl etc. and have had no

Put some more (hidden, keywords, etc) "gtk"'s into

the words "gtk", "gtk+" as well as "gtk-perl" occur several times
throughout the page. as far as google is
concerned there's probably a lot more pages pointing to and
thus it's a better hit for "perl gtk", that and both of those words are
the domain name.


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