Re: Gtk2-Extras

* Kevin C. Krinke <kckrinke opendoorsoftware com> [2004-09-20 04:47]:
How does the following sound?

We use Gtk2-Ex for all the singleton modules that others may
depend upon and exclude anything more complicated than simple
helper functions, widgets and constants for working with
Gnome2/Gtk2. Anyone[0] is free to update and enhance Gtk2-Ex
and the modules contained therein.

I don't particularly like this, mostly on grounds of all the
social implications. In my opinion, the Gtk2::Ex and ::Simple
names carry too much weight and should be reserved to the
Gtk2-Perl team.

I'd propose packaging up ::Constants with ::Util in a the
Gtk2-Ex-Util distribution.

Continuing on, there should not be an actual Gtk2::Ex::Simple
module and instead everyone[1] just does what suites their
needs best, be it contributing code[2] or maintaining their own
name space (that someone hasn't already been taken in the
spirit of FCFS).

Yes. And Bundle::Gtk2::Ex would collect everything from the
namespace. Overall, that keeps everyone out of each other's face.

As for the other modules you want to write, it's your call
whether they belong together or should be distributed separately.

Let's not overregulate this.

"If you can't laugh at yourself, you don't take life seriously enough."

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