Hi all,

Thanks to those that have responded so far. I am still patient and
awaiting more feedback regarding Gtk2::Extras. So, to help bolster some
discussion, here is a link[0] to the current tar for Gtk2::Extras.

Please keep in mind that the naming and etc are by no means set in stone
and I'm just posting this here to get more feedback.

This package contains the following modules:


By the end of this weekend I'm going to try and implement the following:

Gtk2::Ex::ChooseFile - one liner for file selection
Gtk2::Ex::ChoosePreviewFile - same as above but with image previews
Gtk2::Ex::ChooseDirectory - one liner for directory selection

Currently there are only two things holding back the release of the
burning software that has fostered this development; one is more help
documentation and the other is the release of this module as odw
(optical disc writer) depends upon it. I'd like for this to be in CPAN
before we release odw (next week sometime).

As always all comments, criticisms and suggestions are greatly

As final incentive, I'll buy anyone who helps out a beer the next time
they're in Toronto :)



Kevin C. Krinke <kckrinke opendoorsoftware com>
Open Door Software Inc.

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