Re: Gtk+ 3.0 and MS Windows

Hello there!

First of all, thanks for all your work in gtk+ (and gnome) environment.

I am trying to introduce gtk+ to industrial solutions, mainly using Gtk#
and Glade.
Is it possible to combine the obs with the current sources of all Gnome
I am talking mainly in glade, because the latest versions 3.7.x has lots
of improvements over 3.6 and i would like to test it. 
3.7.1 is old and has many bugs and regressions and i would like to
contribute to a better support on windows.

Thank you!
Luis Matos

Dom, 2011-03-27 às 21:07 +0200, Maarten Bosmans escreveu: 
> 2011/3/25 Mikhail Titov <mlt gmx us>:
> > Maarten:
> >
> > Thanks again! It worked like magic. I'm not sure if I was supposed to get a bunch of dot cpio files in cache/extracted/ folder. I have 7-zip 9.20. Anyway I selected all of them and did "7-zip -> extract here" from explorer. However when I try to run demo I get the following message.
> That's great. The rpm indeed contain a cpio file, so you have to
> unpack twice. The script I sent the link to does this for you.
> > -----------------8<------------------
> >
> > C:\...che\extracted\usr\i686-w64-mingw32\sys-root\mingw\bin>gtk3-demo.exe
> > **
> > Gtk:ERROR:gtksettings.c:558:gtk_settings_class_init: assertion failed: (result == PROP_ALTERNATIVE_BUTTON_ORDER)
> >
> > This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
> > Please contact the application's support team for more information.
> >
> > -----------------8<------------------
> >
> > Is there something missing, or is it a known issue? It doesn't matter if I change gtk-alternative-button-order to 1 or 0 in gtkrc of MS-Windows theme.
> If I understand your other mail correctly, you are combining binaries
> from OBS and those provided on I'm not entirely sure,
> but it could be that gives problems. So try downloading all
> dependencies from OBS. The script I sent the link to does this for
> you.
> > Mikhail
> So you also got your own build going, great! You may also want to try
> downloading -devel packages of the dependencies from the OBS for
> linking your own build of Gtk+ 3. Not sure that would give better
> results though.
> Maarten
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