Re: Setting up GTK+ on Windows using Mingw

Tor Lillqvist wrote:
If you mean by "broad" a very basic knowledge

Yes, sorry. That's indeed what I meant. (Not a native speaker...)
that's ok.  being married to a non-native speaker, I have learned to
guess that sort of thing.

I don't want to sound like this would be some competition, but I do
think it is better to use the "official" GTK+ stack binaries on
That's ok.  This list is just what I arrived at after some weeks of
Googling and trial and error.  If there is a better way, then I would
love to edit my list to be more helpful to others like me who want to
get started but find this all rather confusing.  Would the "official"
stack to which you refer be this All-in-one bundle at in general. But on the other hand I don't use Glade
myself, and maybe indeed it is better to use what gladewin32 provides
If not for Glade, I probably never would have gotten started in Gtk
programming.  While I did experiment once with some basic Gtk the hard
way, I realized that the only way I wanted to do programing is with a
tool like Glade.  Most of my previous programming experience has been
with Borland products like CBuilder 6.

If you do have a cairo.pc that refers to pixman-1, then just edit out
the pixman-1 from the .pc file. (The cairo.pc in the latest cairo-dev
I just tried it and it worked.  Thanks

I tried wiping my GTK and starting over with the All-in-one bundle at  I tried downloading and
building Glade glade3-3.4.5 this GTK installation but didn't get very
far.  It wanted the gettext, gettext-tools and iconv which I found at
Then it wanted perl XML-Parser which I found but things went downhill
from there.  It seems there are still a lot of Perl modules needed to
build but aren't in msys.

So, while I am very much in agreement with you that it is nice to get
the latest, I am probably stuck with the precompiled packages that I
found because I don't have the expertise to build everything on my own.
Perhaps I can at least use the GTK from but am still stuck with the
precompiled Glade.  Any comments or suggestions?

Damon Register

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